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  • Seja bem-vindo!
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  • Yuan xing company engaged in the field of mine machinery hydraulic cylinder has a history of more than 10 years, has a wealth of experience and advanced technology, development of shield machine, mining truck, drill, crane and other mine machinery hydraulic oil cylinder.
    Yuan xing company is skilled in mining machinery hydraulic cylinder buffer system, sealing system, corrosion prevention and other technologies.
    In the mine machinery oil cylinder industry, yuan xing company has a remarkable achievement.
    Mine machinery hydraulic cylinder used for a long time, the hydraulic oil cylinder of the hydraulic system control of the low pressure condition, sometimes may cause failure or mistake, these are the more common phenomenon, although the end result is the same, but it is not the same reason. Common causes of this phenomenon include:
    Generally, this situation is because the throttling resistance in the control pipeline is too large, the regulation of the flow valve is not very correct, the control pressure is not appropriate, and the pressure source in the same inlet is also disturbed. This is the time to check the control pressure source to ensure that the pressure must be adjusted to the system's specified value.
    If the flow valve or direction valve core is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, the hydraulic cylinder is more likely to misoperate or malfunction at this time. If such a situation occurs, the oil should be promptly inspected for contamination; Check to see if there is something dirty or colloidal sediment sticking in the valve core causing the valve hole to be blocked. Also check how worn the valve body is.
    Product Process:
    1. Raw materials entering the factory, 27SiMn, 40CrMo, ST52, 45# steel tubes or bars for choice
    2. Do the pre-treatment including pickling, phosphating and saponification, and then cold-draw the seamless steel tubes.
    3. Put the steel tubes into the tempering furnace to do the stress relief annealing in convenience of the subsequent the processing.
    4. Multi-roll straightening machine, with 10 straightening points, achieves the automatic rolling straight improving the efficiency greatly
    5. Heat treatment to obtain work pieces with different properties by changing their internal microstructure or surface chemical composition.
    6. Cylindrical degree can be controlled within 0.03mm and the surface roughness is up to 0.4 by honing with range:φ40mm-φ450mm and longest length: 12000mm
    7. Machining processes to obtain high precision parts with complex shapes strictly according to the detailed drawings.
    8. Electroplating production process fulfills the functional and ornamental requirements for coating work pieces of different dimensions according to specific application requirements.
    9. Cleaning all the parts by automatic cleaning machine in the special solution and under special temperature control effectively.
    10. All the parts are assembled into complete cylinders according to the strict assembly instructions by skillful workers in dust-free workshop.
    11. Do proof pressure and performance tests to check whether the cylinders can operate smoothly and stably under the specified pressure with no leakage and deformation.
    12. Do the painting including high quality primer and topcoat to obtain beautiful appearance and protect the cylinders against the anticorrosion.
    13. Wooden pallet or boxes packing with plastic films wrapped on the surface, suitable for long-time sea transport.
    Product Advantages:
    1. Easy to operate, easy to maintain
    2. Reliable work, high efficiency
    3. Solid structure, handsome in appearance
    Large and medium-sized mining, metallurgy, forging, casting, engineering transportation, hydraulic machinery, food processing machinery, machine tools, civil engineering, construction machinery, chemical machinery, medical machinery, injection molding machinery, automated assembly line, Light industry machinery industry.
    Terms and Conditions:
    1. Everywhere should be kept clean, the piston rod should be regularly cleaned of dust;
    2. Working fluid 46 # hydraulic oil, can not use alcohol, diesel, gasoline, etc ;
    3. Working fluid application 120 mesh filter, and keep clean, regular inspection replacement;
    Technical parameters:
    Bore of cylinder/mm Piston rod /mm Working pressure 16MPa Stroke/mm
    Speed ratio Push/KN Pull/KN
    1.33 1.46 2 Ratio1.33 ratio1.46 ratio2
    40 25 22 25 20.11 15.08 14.02 12.25 500
    50 25 28 32 31.42 23.56 21.56 18.55 600
    63 32 35 45 49.88 37.01 34.48 24.43 800
    80 40 45 55 80.42 60.32 54.98 42.41 2000
    90 45 50 63 101.79 76.34 70.47 51.91 2000
    100 50 55 70 125.66 94.25 87.65 64.08 4000
    100 55 63 80 152.05 114.04 102.18 71.63 4000
    125 63 70 90 196.35 146.47 134.77 94.56 4000
    140 70 80 100 246.30 184.73 165.88 120.64 4000
    150 75 85 105 284.74 212.06 191.95 144.20 4000
    160 80 90 110 321.70 241.27 219.91 169.65 4000
    180 90 100 125 407.15 305.36 181.49 210.80 4000
    200 100 110 140 502.65 376.99 350.60 256.35 4000
    220 110 125 160 608.21 456.16 411.86 286.51 4000
    250 125 140 180 785.40 589.05 539.10 378.25 4000
    Quality certificate and production equipment:
    Through our company's continuous efforts, strict requirements for product quality. The hydraulic cylinder produced by our company has passed the ISO9000, ISO9001 certification and the highest quality requirements.stipulated by our strict quality control system.
    Our company is able to make production according to the standard and quantity required by the customer, and can guarantee the hydraulic cylinder product that the customer needs in the time limit, because we have advanced production equipment.
    Such as: CNC lathe, processing center, SYT hydraulic cylinder test platform, hydraulic oil cylinder spraying equipment, hydraulic cylinder welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, quality inspection line.
    Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces/piece
    Supply capacity: 20,000 pieces per month
    Port: Qingdao, China
    Terms of payment: l/c, t/t
    Standard or non-standard: non-standard
    Structure: piston hydraulic cylinder plunger hydraulic cylinder
    Power: hydraulic
    Product materials: steel
    Maximum stroke: 15,000mm
    Shaft diameter: 10-500mm
    Origin: shandong, China (mainland)
    Model: hydraulic cylinder
    Brand name: yuanxing
    Color: yellow, orange, blue, red, black, etc.
    Packing details: packing film + plywood box or according to customer requirements.
    Delivery details: 25-40 days
    Packaging and transportation:
    1. Packaging: steel tray, plywood box, or according to customer requirements.
    2. Shipping: shipping, air or express company.
    In addition to the sales of our existing hydraulic cylinder products, our company can also produce hydraulic cylinder products according to customers' drawings or samples. In the production process, we strictly control the product quality to ensure each hydraulic cylinder product quality qualified. We provide the most advanced technical support and high quality after-sales service, hoping to establish long-term cooperation with customers.

    Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder factory
    fevereiro 21
  • Cixi Xianghe Communication Equipment Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise which specializes in optical communication equipment products. Now let’s have a brief view of the factory.
    Basic Company Information
    * Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Pro. China with convenient traffic
    * With a history of over 15 years
    * 5 years' export experience
    * Factory Area: 15,000 square meters
    * Ship to more than 50 countries
    * 1,000,000 units yearly capacity
    * Employees: 150
    Our Product Range
    * GFX series of fiber optic distribution box  
    * Series of fiber optic splice box
    * Fiber optic and voice patch panel
    * Various accessories of FTTH series equipment

    * Africa:Nigeria,Ghana,Libya,Algeria,Kenya, Morocco,Egypt,South Africa, etc
    * South America:Venezuela,Bolivia,Chile,Peru ,Colombia ,Brazil and so on.
    * Europe: Russia,Spain,Germany,Italy, UK,and Ukraine so on.
    *Asia:SaudiArabia,India,Syria,Turkey,Jordan,Iran,Iraq,UAE,Pakistan,Vietnam,Malaysia and so on.
    * Quality System IS09001
    * The Detection of Ministry of Information Industry
    * Certificate of TLC and network access of broadcast
    * All products have been tested before ship out
    * All products have 1 years warranty. If there is no man-made problem ,we will replace or repair for you freely.
    Sales Focus
    * Quality always comes first
    * Reasonable Prices
    * OEM and ODM service provided
    * Responsible after-sales service
    * Aiming to get repeat orders from 90%customer after the trial orders
    * Making progress with customers together16 Pairs Of Audio Outside The Module Made in China
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  • Scaffolding Rosette Description
    Scaffolding rosettes, also named scaffold flange ,scaffolding disc, scaffolding ring etc, it is welded to each standard at 0.5m vertical intervals. Four smaller openings in the rosette automatically centre each ledger at right angles, (making the scaffold square), while four larger openings allow diagonal braces and other components to connect at a variety of angles.
    The rosette makes it possible for a few basic components – standard, ledger, diagonal brace and deck – to form the basis for almost limitless applications, with an unparalleled range of additional components for special solutions.
    Scaffolding Rosette Specification
    Apply:D48 & D60 tube
    Surface:Black, Electro Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized
    Our Scaffolding Rosette Features
    · Professional manufacturer with powerful manufacturing capacity.
    · Extensive and comprehensive quality control system
    · Excellent products with competitive price.
    · Efficient  service on pre and after sale.
    · Full energy with experienced team.

    Scaffolding Rosette Production
    Scaffolding Rosette Application
    Packing For Scaffolding Rosette
    International Exhibition PromotionChina Scaffolding Accessories
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  • Wenzhou Snda Machinery Co., Ltd, more than 20 Years- China professional manufacturer,factory and solution supplier of Slitting machine,sheet cutting machine,slitter and sheeter,sheeting machine etc.
    The machine is widely suitable for slitting and cutting reel material such as paper(kraft paper,copy paper,laminated paper etc.),plastic film,PE film,PVC film,PET film,OPP film,pp non-woven fabric,special cloth,glass fiber,EPE foam,air bubble film etc.
    We also got ISO9001:2000 Certificate in 2005 and CE Certificate in 2006. Our machines are being used in Southeast Asian, Africa,Mid-east, South America,USA and European markets where the buyers all give good feedback on the above machines.cheap Thermal Paper Slitter
    fevereiro 21
  • ◆Our History
    Foshan Keliwei Machinery Manufacturing Group was found in 1988.With more than 20 years of manufacturing sink polishing machines and pressing machines experience,Keliwei builds business relationship with a lot of prestigious sink manufacturers.Foshan Keliwei established three business department in 2010,KLW is the brand for pressing machines,Aosvo for polishing and welding machines and Rongdongsheng for annealer.In 2012,sales center was found in Renhe Town,where is only 10 minutes drive from the Guangzhou International Airport,to serve more foreign customers.
    ◆Our Factory
    Foshan Keliwei Machinery Manufacturing Group consists of three large factories for manufacturing different machines,one of which is KLW factory,one of which is Rongdongsheng factory and the other is Aosvo factory.
    KLW factory,which locates in Nanhai District,Foshan and covers an area of more than 7000 square meters,produces hydraulic press machines for stainless steel sinks and other metal products.KLW hydraulic press machines are very popular in stainless steel industries which produce scoops,pots,plates etc.
    Rongdongsheng factory,which locates in Foshan and acquired certifications from ISO and Alibaba,manufactures bright annealing furnace,brazing furnace,box furnace and so on.
    Aosvo factory,which locates in Wuxiang Town,Ningbo and covers an area of more than 8000 square meters,makes stainless steel sink polishing,welding and grinding machines.
    ◆Our Product
    1.Hydraulic Press Machine
    2.Stainless Steel Sink Polishing Machine
    3.Stainless Steel Sink Grinding Machine
    4.Stainless Steel Sink Welding Machine
    5.Stainless Steel Sink Mould
    ◆Product Application
    1.Stainless Steel Sink
    2.Stainless Steel Bowl
    3.Stainless Steel Pot
    ◆Our Certificate
    Double-bowl Sink Bottom Sanding Machine Design and Appearance Patent
    ◆Production Equipment
    1.CNC Grinder
    2.CNC Lathe
    3.CNC milling Machine
    4.CNC Bending Machine
    5.CNC Plate Shearing Machine
    ◆Production Market
    Our machines have been sold to India, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan etc.The annual revenue of oversea exceed two million dollars.
    ◆Our service
    Before-sales Service:
    1.Send pictures and videos of required machines by email,wechat,whatsapp etc.
    2.Arrange accommodation and transportation for foreign customers
    Sales Service:
    1.Introduce structures,materials,functions and usages of different machines.
    2.Present procedures of how press machines fix shapes,polishing machines brighten surface and tough mould would be etc.
    After-sales Service:
    1.Engineers would be sent to customers’ factories to test machines and teach usages
    At least one-year guarantee providedChina Sink Side Double Bowl Wheel Satin Machine manufacturers
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  • Manual Chain Hoist
    Manual Chain Hoist is a kind of widely used and portable manual operating hoisting machine. It can be used in machine installation, products lifting and loading and unloading in industry, agriculture, construction and production. It is suitable to be used in the open air and no electric power works.
    SpecificationsCustomized Chain Hoist
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    Main Spec:
    Encode400 pulse per second
    Input option12/24VDC
    Load(Thrust) capacity option100~900N|10~90KG|22~198LBS
    Speed option6~40mm/s|0.25~1.6inch/s
    Limited switchwith
    Duty cycle25%
    House materialAluminum Alloy
    Inner tube materialAluminum Alloy
    Stroke length option0~2000mm|0~80inch
    Color optionGrey/black
    Operation temperature-26℃ ~ +65℃
    Max IP classIP65
    Safety certificateCE
    TypeLoad: NPull: NStatic load: NUnload/load speed: MM/SDuty cycle: %Max current
    12V 24V
    Lmin = mini retracted length
    Lmin = 105mm + Stroke
    Lmin means the length when linear actuator 100% fully retracts, meanwhile, it will touch the tail limited switch, stop automatically, very safe.
    Lmax = Max extended length
    Lmax = Lmin + Stroke = 105mm + 2*Stroke
    Lmax means the length when linear actuator 100% fully extends, meanwhile, it will touch the head limited switch, stop automatically, very safe.
    Load VS Speed VS Current:
    Customized order example:
    A — B — C — D — E — F — G
    Input Load Unload speed Stroke Retracted length Cable length
    G: Customer's special requirementbuy Linear Actuator With Signal Feedback
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    About Us
    Meelamp at a glance:
    Meelamp Lighting Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer in innovative outdoor lighting products in China, which combines traditional illumination with modern,ground-breaking lighting technologies.The factory was founded in 2013, located in Helang,Zhongshan,near Guzhen--the world's lighting capital.It has 4 production lines, 10 members of R&D team and 30 members of sales team.

    Based on deep understanding of outdoor LED lighting market, trending technology and changing needs, Meelamp supports customers'demands with profession outdoor LED lighting solution and smart street lighting system solution.Its outdoor lighting series covers LED street light,solar street light,smart street light,outdoor LED flood lights and LED high bay.  

    Meelamp develops outdoor flood lights , street lights and other outdoor lights that illuminate areas for up to thousands of hours.Not only these products durable, they are also eco-friendly and cost-efficient, lowering costs by virtue of their energy-efficient LED technology.It has passed the quality Inspection for Export by China Commodity Quality Inspection Bureau, CCC, CE and ISO9001-2000 certifications.Its business has a global reach spanning more than Southeast Asia,Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.
    "Quality Firs and Customer Focus" has been the factory's guidance since its born.As it belives quality is the life of its future,customer's growth is its growth and customer's success is its success.

              150w LED High Bay
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  • Block Magnet With Countersunk Head Screws
    Magnets should be managed with caution.  This kind of magnet is low cost, superior resistance to demagnetization and higher temperature resistance. Because they're so powerful, even just a small magnet can generate enough magnetic pull to work.And mounting magnets arrive in various shapes. We can offer neodymium countersunk magnets for assorted applications.
    Magnets aren't ideal for kids. Therefore we recommend that you store magnets at a distance and please make sure which you are not constantly near magnets.
    The POT magnets are a little stronger. If you're looking for a pot magnet created for flat screws or bolts, have a look at our Straight Center Hole Pot Magnets. You can get the pot magnets customized to coincide with your specifications and applications. The pot magnets arrive in five distinct forms. Internal threaded stud pot magnets are the widely used types to look after the doors from closing all of the way for any reason.
    The sinker magnet is made of rare earth materials and therefore has a strong magnetic force. It is fragile, so be careful to splint it when you use it. Be sure to keep it in a dry environment.
    Double sunk head hole square magnet is mainly used for the screw installation of hardware mould, electronic instrument, precision tool, fixed pendant and other industries so as to fix and not slip.
    Ndfeb sinker magnet, also known as sinker magnet, sinker strong magnet. The magnet size of countersunk hole is generally expressed as diameter with large D, diameter of countersunk hole with d1, inner diameter of direct hole with d2 and thickness (height) with H.
    Ring magnets are divided into straight hole and hole countersunk head, straight hole magnet is vertical in the hole, and magnet countersunk hole is big holes and holes, and hole depth and large hole depth, is commonly known as the screw holes of the magnet.
    We can according to customer request processing a variety of shapes, all kinds of magnetic products, such as: punch, surface electroplating, countersunk head screw holes, edge grinding, etc., all kinds of shape, appearance, can according to customer's drawings or samples for processing production.Block Ferrite Magnet
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    Our History
    Established on September 1, 2006, the company mainly undertakes the processing of LCD panel products such as TN, HTN, STN, CSTN, FSTN and other LCD products such as COG, COB, TAB and other OEM products. Is specialized in the production of TFT-LCM LCD module high and new technology enterprises, in March 2014, the factory began to operate alone and named as Shenzhen Kangzhang Semiconductor Co., Ltd., become a subsidiary of LCM processing company of Shenzhen Kangzhang Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kangzhang Semiconductor Co.. Professional undertaking 1.77 "to 10.1" LCD module processing. From March 15, 2016, our company developed and produced 1.77 "to 10.1" liquid crystal modules, into the TFT-LCM market.
    Our Factory
    The company has 1,300 square meters of plant, has two semi-automatic COG production line and a full automatic COG production line, TFT module at a one-time pass rate of more than 98 %, monthly production capacity of about 1.2 KK.
    Our Product
    TFT-LCM, LCD, COG, BZL polarizing film, etc.
    Product Application
    Game machines, medical equipment, mobile phone digital, GPS navigation system, instrumentation, as well as transportation, communications, smart appliances and so on.
    Production Equipment
    100 million automatic, three-force automatic, Fuhe semi-automatic, silver collection semiautomatic, point glue machine, Kaidayang automatic backlight group installed.
    Production Market
    The main selling line is domestic market and foreign market. At present, our company has cooperated with several big customers in the domestic market, the domestic market to stabilize the development trend, and contact with foreign markets, the main sales area is Middle East.4.3 Inch Industrial Control Display Screen Free Sample
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